Decide on preliminary acceptance


Preliminary acceptance creates the basis for commissioning the system with acceptable risks.

Basic idea

Preliminary acceptance takes place before deployment and commissioning of the system. Quality assurance measures such as tests and inspections are carried out beforehand. Preliminary acceptance gives users, developers and operators the assurance that the transfer from the old to the new system state will most likely be successful.


Preliminary acceptance is planned early by all those involved. The acceptance criteria are agreed jointly in the process. If a system is procured, this takes place when the contract is concluded between the organizations involved in the project. If a system is developed, the acceptance criteria are determined at the same time as acceptance of the system requirements and system architecture.


  1. Determine the organization and general conditions for preliminary acceptance
  2. Add further criteria to the preliminary acceptance checklist
  3. Prepare preliminary acceptance in technical and organizational terms
  4. Perform preliminary acceptance and record findings
  5. Analyze and classify findings (e.g. by defect category, new requirements)
  6. Decide on preliminary acceptance and the next steps