Perform quality assurance


Quality assurance ensures that the outcomes are of the required quality throughout the project.

Basic idea

In principle, quality assurance makes a distinction between "checking" and "testing":

  1. Checking includes the content-related and formal review of outcomes (documents) and compliance with agreed processes/tasks
  2. Testing includes verifying the fulfilment of system requirements and the applicability of the processes to the current system

The quality of an outcome becomes evident during development. Several QA measures are often carried out during development in order to ensure the required quality.

Checking or testing at the end of the development process is used for the acceptance or approval of an outcome and confirms that the quality requirements for the outcome have been met.


The quality assurance task includes checking. Testing is the subject of the testing module.

The procedures for checking outcomes such as consultations, reviews, audits, etc. are described in the project management plan. It also contains the review plan with the outcomes and their review procedures.

The reviews are listed as activities in the work order for the preparation of the corresponding outcome.

The outcomes of a review are recorded in the review report.

The project sponsor can ask the project management to carry out quality assurance. To this end, he appoints an independent body that reports directly to him. This measure is performed in the project steering module with the steer project task.


  1. Set quality objectives for the project phase and the overall project in the project management plan
  2. Define a review procedure for the outcomes and processes/tasks and record it in the review plan as part of the project management plan
  3. Record the review procedure and procedures in the work order and ensure that there is uniform understanding among all project participants
  4. Carry out reviews and record the outcomes in the review report
  5. Evaluate the fitness for purpose of quality assurance and make adjustments if necessary