Realize business organization


The business organization is fully realized. The organizational and personnel prerequisites are created to such an extent that the new business organization can be activated.

Basic idea

The organizational structure with all personnel aspects and the processes with all aids are realized to such an extent that the new organization can be activated operationally.


Based on the business organization concept, the process description and organization description are realized and the measures are implemented.

The process description describes the processes with the aids used. The organization description describes the organizational structure with a detailed organization chart, function descriptions and personnel requirements. Based on the process and organization description, the measures are realized in order to establish the organization (role assignments, recruitment, etc.).

In the deployment organization module, the business organization is checked for preliminary acceptance before the deployment phase is released (with the decide on preliminary acceptance task).


  1. Realize process description
  2. Realize organization description
  3. Define measures to establish and implement the organization
  4. Check whether new requirements arise for the IT system, the product or operation