Draw up a procurement plan


Procurement planning ensures that the necessary procurements are coordinated with project planning and are carried out in accordance with the specifications.

After procurement, the provision of goods or services is steered by the project management module.

Goods and services that do not require a tender are agreed with the project management module.

Basic idea

Procurement planning fleshes out the tasks, activities and outcomes. It is coordinated with the controlling and compliance bodies for procurement. Procedural issues are clarified in procurement planning, e.g.:

  1. What exactly is to be procured, and what requirements are there in terms of quantity and quality
  2. Do contracts already exist and for how long will they remain valid
  3. What is the estimated cost of what is to be procured
  4. What is the planned time frame/length of use; has funding been secured for the entire project, including consequential costs
  5. What type of market is it and how many tenderers are expected
  6. What documents are included in the tender documentation, and who is in charge of compiling and reviewing it
  7. What tender procedure is to be used
  8. How will questions about the tender documentation be answered
  9. Will tenderer presentations and negotiations be conducted
  10. Who will evaluate the tenders, and how will the decision-making process be conducted

Procurement planning takes account of internal and statutory requirements, processes and deadlines


The procurement plan is recorded in the project management plan if the body in charge of tenders in the core organization does not provide for a procurement plan.


  1. Define the procedure based on the characteristics of the procurement, the core organization's specifications and the statutory basis
  2. Conceive tasks, activities and outcomes and take account of the core organization's specifications and the statutory basis
  3. Create the procurement plan from a scheduling point of view and coordinate it with project planning
  4. Plan human and financial resources for procurement
  5. Coordinate procurement planning with the controlling and compliance bodies responsible for procurement


Module Task Task responsibility Outcome Involved in creation of outcome
Procurement Draw up a procurement plan Project manager Project management plan