Prepare a call for tenders


The call for tenders is the prerequisite for the creation of competition among tenderers, comparable tenders and a comprehensible evaluation.

Basic idea

The tender documentation is prepared in such detail that the tenders can be evaluated in a comprehensible manner. For this purpose, the evaluation criteria questions are set out in the list of criteria.

The project specifications (also called specifications) describe the requirements for the items to be procured (goods, services, etc.) and the procurement procedure.

The draft contract forms the basis for concluding the contract and is part of the tender documentation.


The tender documentation consists of various documents. It includes the project specifications, the list of criteria, the draft contract, the tender notice and other documents. The list of criteria must include all eligibility criteria, technical specifications, award criteria and the evaluation model to be applied.

In the case of a public tender, the tender documentation must meet the formal and procurement law requirements.

The outcomes produced in other modules such as system requirements, concepts, detailed studies, detailed specifications, etc. are an integral part of the project specifications.


  1. Produce tender documentation with project specifications, list of criteria, draft contract, tender notice and other documents
  2. Coordinate the tender documentation with the controlling and compliance bodies and/or have them checked by them.


Module Task Task responsibility Outcome Involved in creation of outcome
Procurement Prepare a call for tenders Project manager Tender documentation