Prepare phase release


To enable the phase release to be given, the outcomes are summarized for the decision-makers and the next phase is planned.

Basic idea

At the end of a project phase, a decision is made on how the project is to proceed. For this purpose, the information required for decision-making is prepared for the decision-makers.


The overall project planning is reviewed and the detailed planning for the next phase is prepared. The project management plan is updated.

Planning accuracy increases continuously over the course of the project thanks to in-depth knowledge of the project and the expected outcomes.

The project phase report with the requests is compiled. It forms the basis for the project sponsor's decision on the release of the next phase.


  1. Plan the next phase in detail
  2. Update the project management plan and coordinate it with all parties involved as well as with the controlling and compliance bodies
  3. Update the project status report as an appendix to the phase report
  4. Create further prerequisites for phase release (e.g. ensuring adapted project organization and availability of resources)
  5. Summarize the outcomes of project progress in a phase report
  6. Submit requests for the acceptance of outcomes, next steps, the resources to be released, etc.
  7. Arrange for project steering decisions to be made