User information


Outcomes have been at the heart of HERMES since the launch of HERMES 5. They are related to other method components such as tasks or roles, and some outputs are supplemented by document templates when used. A visualization of the project processes themselves is not paramount.

This section helps people to use the new format of HERMES properly. In order to help users with HERMES, this section contains information that allows for a deeper understanding of HERMES, explains application cases or provides guidelines of sorts for specific cases, for instance.

Information overview

The user information is divided into two categories:

  1. Explanations
    The explanations show how specific topics are integrated into HERMES. They illustrate interrelationships and enable a deeper understanding of methods.
  2. Notes on application cases
    The notes on application cases show how HERMES should be implemented in specific situations. They ensure safe application and help to reduce the scope for interpretation.

The table shows the information per category.

Information directory

  1. Governance
  2. Sustainability
  3. Financial steering and management
  4. Planning
  5. Implementation units and releases
  6. Application of the HERMES method in the program
  7. Application with other methods and practices
  8. Agile project management
  9. Deployment of HERMES in the organization