Keep a product backlog


The development tasks are steered via the product backlog.

Basic idea

The product backlog is created based on system requirements, detailed studies and the system architecture. It contains all the requirements that the developers realize.

The product backlog is continuously updated and prioritized.


Requirements newly included in the product backlog and those that no longer apply are monitored by the project management of the developer and the user via change management.

Any major change in the scope or content of the project must be agreed with the project sponsor.


  1. Create a product backlog
  2. Prioritize requirements
  3. Analyze the effects of prioritization on the achievement of the project objectives
  4. Steer new requirements and those that no longer apply by means of the project managers' change management
  5. Monitor the project scope and content


Module Task Task responsibility Outcome Involved in creation of outcome
Agile development Keep a product backlog Project manager Product backlog Business analyst, Developer