Decide on contract award


The contract award decision is the prerequisite for its publication and the drafting of the contract with the successful tenderer.

Basic idea

After the decision to award the contract has been made, the tenderers are informed about the result of the evaluation. The award is published.


Depending on the selected procedure, the activities were fleshed out in the task draw up procurement plan and set out in the project management plan. They are now carried out accordingly.


  1. Add contract award decision to HERMES checklist
  2. Critically review project objectives, feasibility and benefits of the project based on new findings and align with the core organization's objectives
  3. Provide decision-makers with the evaluation report
  4. Coordinate the decision with the core organization and the controlling and compliance bodies responsible for procurement
  5. Approve or reject the evaluation report
  6. If the evaluation report is approved:
    1. Decide on contract award
    2. Publish award on simap (
    3. Send rejection notice to unsuccessful tenderers
    4. If necessary, conduct debriefings