Draw up project order


Drawing up the project order creates the prerequisites for making the decision to release the project.

Basic idea

The project order is the binding agreement between the project sponsor and the project manager for project execution. It is based on comprehensible project planning. Based on the project order drawn up, the project sponsor checks whether the project serves the objectives of the organization and whether the necessary resources can be released.

The information required for higher-level project steering and prioritization of an organization's projects is compiled in accordance with the organization-specific requirements.


The stakeholder list and the study with the option decision form the basis for drawing up the project management plan and creating the project order. The project order and project management plan are a prerequisite for project steering and control by the project sponsor and the coordination of the project with the strategies and objectives of the core organization.

The project management plan forms the basis for the management and control of the project by the project management.

A master plan is created according to the principle of rolling planning, and the concept phase is planned in detail. At the end of each phase, the next phase is planned in detail and the master plan is reviewed. This is done with the task prepare phase release.


  1. Draw up project management plan
  2. Incorporate relevant outcomes from the study and project management plan in the project order
  3. Verify the project order with the project sponsor and stakeholders, including the project partners and controlling and compliance bodies