Conduct test


Tests are conducted to ensure that the system meets the stipulated requirements. The tests are carried out and the test results are evaluated and recorded.

Basic idea

Testing is not carried out until the preliminary conditions have been met. Accordingly, the test infrastructure must have been released beforehand.


The tests are carried out according to the test case descriptions in the test concept. If necessary, they are further specified.

The results of the tests are recorded and evaluated according to criteria defined in the test concept.

If necessary, the test is repeated several times until the quality criteria are met. Open issues from the tests and the next steps in this regard are established by binding agreement. The test plan in the test concept is continually updated.

In the deployment organization module, the test results are checked for preliminary acceptance before the deployment phase is released (with the decide on preliminary acceptance task).


  1. Check whether the test preliminary conditions are met to start the tests
  2. Perform tests according to the test concept
  3. Log the test results and evaluate them according to criteria in the test concept
  4. If necessary, correct defects and repeat tests
  5. Agree on how to deal with unresolved issues