Lead change management


Change management uses a defined process to ensure that project changes are identified, assessed and decided upon.

Basic idea

Change management makes it possible to maintain control over the project's development in the event of changes to objectives, scope, requirements, framework conditions, etc. and to recognize the impact on operations. Project planning and outcomes are adjusted based on the approved changes. The project manager ensures that the change process is consistently adhered to.


The change process is documented in the project management plan.

The change status list contains all of the changes dealt with. It gives an overview of their status and documents the consequences of their realization or non-realization.


  1. Define the change process, document it in the project management plan and disclose it
  2. Enter and update change requests in the change status list
  3. Analyze and approve/reject change requests
  4. Plan, implement and review approved changes
  5. Adapt the project management plan based on change request decisions