Based on decision-making tasks, the checklist supports decision-making processes and serves the systematic performance of reviews. Before each review, the general checklist is supplemented with project-specific criteria in the corresponding area.


  1. Decide on ISDP concept
  2. Decide on project closure
  3. Decide on contract award
  4. Decide on ISDP concept
  5. Decide on acceptance
  6. Decide on agile development using SCRUM
  7. Decide on call for tenders
  8. Decide on launch of operation
  9. Decide on phase release (deployment)
  10. Decide on phase release (implementation)
  11. Project release decision
  12. Decide on system architecture
  13. Decide on an option
  14. Decide on preliminary acceptance
  15. Commission and steer initiation

Standard and project-specific review points with

  1. Acceptance criteria
  2. Evaluation
  3. Those responsible
  4. Review date