Decide on an option


The decision on an option forms the basis for designing the concept for the option chosen. The project order is created on the basis of the option selected.

Basic idea

The decision to choose a particular option sets the scene for the entire project, future operation and the long-term benefit that can be achieved. If it becomes apparent that the expected benefit cannot be achieved, work is stopped at that time and the findings are recorded for those interested.


When choosing, care is taken to ensure that a sustainable option is chosen. Accordingly, the proposed variant is reviewed again from that perspective. To this end, the various stakeholders are integrated into the decision-making process. The project manager decides on an option after consulting the project sponsor and other stakeholders. The decision is based on the option descriptions and evaluations developed in the study as well as the recommendations of those involved in the study and other stakeholders.


  1. Add further criteria to the option choice checklist
  2. Check whether sustainability aspects are taken into account
  3. Obtain recommendations based on the option description and evaluation in the study
  4. Coordinate the decision with the project sponsor and stakeholders
  5. Decide on an option