Design a deployment concept


The deployment concept is developed to such an extent that deployment can be prepared in the implementation phase.

Basic idea

The deployment concept determines how deployment is to take place:

  1. Deployment procedure: decide between deployment on a specific date or phased deployment, and plan accordingly
  2. Deployment organization: define deployment support roles
  3. Deployment measures: develop training, prepare documents


The deployment concept is designed based on the concepts of the various modules.

The deployment measures defined in the deployment concept are realized in the implementation phase and executed in the deployment phase.

Based on the deployment concept, the release criteria for the decision to launch operation are defined.

If a product or IT system is procured, the developer uses his experience from similar projects in designing the deployment concept. In this case, the deployment concept is designed after procurement.

When replacing an existing system, the content of the deployment concept is related to the migration concept. They can influence each other.


  1. Design a deployment concept taking account of the deployment risks
  2. Integrate deployment planning into the project management plan
  3. Identify user and operator training needs and record training measures in the deployment concept
  4. Coordinate the deployment concept with the stakeholders