Decide on project closure


With the project closure decision, the project organization is dissolved and the project is ended.

Basic idea

The last step of project closure is the formal dissolution of the project organization. This comes under the authority and responsibility of the project sponsor. The project participants are officially relieved of their project responsibilities.


The project management's final project evaluation is reviewed and either approved or rejected by project steering. The project sponsor passes on important lessons learned from the project to the relevant parties.

The project sponsor ensures that the project closure requirements of the controlling and compliance body as well as governance are met.

If the project has specific controlling and QA/risk management bodies, they prepare a final report.


  1. Add further criteria to the project closure checklist
  2. Ensure that the closure work has been completed. Carry out or commission corresponding tests
  3. Provide decision-makers with the final project evaluation and further information for decision-making
  4. Coordinate decision with the controlling and compliance bodies
  5. Hold final project committee meeting
  6. Approve (or reject) the final project evaluation
  7. Decide on project closure
  8. If the decision is positive:
    1. Dissolve project organization
    2. Inform those affected and interested about the decision
    3. Pass on lessons learned from the project to relevant bodies