Evaluate tenders


Tenders are evaluated according to the evaluation criteria. The concrete procurement planning activities are carried out.

Basic idea

After the deadline has expired, the tenders are opened and an internal opening minutes is created. They are then evaluated. The evaluation is based on the list of criteria completed by the tenderer and the information provided in the tender.


Depending on the selected procedure, the activities were fleshed out in the task draw up procurement plan and set out in the project management plan. They are carried out according to the plan.

In the case of public procurement, a minutes on the opening of tenders must be prepared after the submission deadline.

If tenderer presentations are made, all procurement law and evaluation-related points are recorded in the minutes and, if necessary, subsequent tenders are obtained.

If negotiations are conducted with tenderers, all procurement law and evaluation-related points are recorded in the minutes.

The evaluation report contains the consolidated results of the evaluation and the proposal issued by those in charge of the evaluation.


  1. Open tenders, check them formally (on time, complete) and create a minutes
  2. Evaluate tenders in terms of content
  3. Carry out procurement planning activities (e.g. organizing and recording tenderer presentations, conducting and recording negotiations, etc.)
  4. Draw up an evaluation report and prepare a proposal
  5. Coordinate the evaluation report with the controlling and compliance bodies responsible for procurement


Module Task Task responsibility Outcome Involved in creation of outcome
Procurement Evaluate tenders Project manager Evaluation report
Evaluate tenders Project manager Minutes