Design an integration concept


The design of the integration concept creates the basis for integration into the peripheral IT systems and the various operating platforms.

Basic idea

Integration must be designed so that the system can be integrated into the target environment.


The IT integration defined in the system architecture is further specified. The interfaces with peripheral IT systems and the transfer from one operating environment (e.g. development, test, integration, training) to another are specified.

System integration is planned and recorded in the integration concept.

If an IT system is procured, the final integration concept design is based on the procurement decision.


  1. Define system integration into the peripheral systems, create specifications for the interfaces and record them in the integration concept
  2. Determine integration into the operating platforms
  3. Design the transfer of software, data, etc. between operating platforms
  4. Create an integration plan and record it in the integration concept
  5. Verify the integration concept with prototypes (test installations) if necessary
  6. Coordinate the integration concept with stakeholders


Module Task Task responsibility Outcome Involved in creation of outcome
IT system Design an integration concept IT-architect Integration concept Operations manager, Business analyst, Developer