Decide on phase release


The phase release decision creates the prerequisite for the work in the next phase.

Basic idea

The phase outcomes are checked and accepted or rejected. The current phase is completed and the next project phase is released, as are any resources needed. If the project objectives cannot be achieved, the project is terminated.


At the end of the current project phase, the phase report is approved and a decision is made on the conclusion of the phase. A decision is then made on the release of the next phase.

Before phase release, the phase report and the project management plan are compared with the overarching strategies and objectives of the core organization. New findings are taken into account in the process.

Adjustments to the project management plan and project organization are decided.

If the project has specific controlling and QA/risk management bodies, they prepare a report for the project sponsor.


  1. Add further release criteria to the phase release checklist
  2. Critically review project objectives, feasibility and benefits of the project based on new findings and align with the core organization's objectives
  3. Check whether overarching strategies, standards and specifications have been adhered to and whether confirmations from the competent bodies are available
  4. Supply decision-makers with the phase report, project management plan and other decision-making documents
  5. Ensure that the necessary resources (human, financial, infrastructure, knowledge and experience) are available in a timely and sufficient manner for the remainder of the project.
  6. Coordinate the decision in the core organization
  7. Make (review and approve or reject) a decision on the phase report, project management plan and phase-specific outcomes
  8. Decide on phase conclusion
  9. Decide on phase release or reject outcomes
  10. If the decision is positive:
    1. Release resources for the next project phase
    2. Inform those affected about the decision
  11. If the project objectives cannot be achieved: determine corrective measures or decide to terminate the project and request termination