Decide on project release


The project release decision creates the prerequisite for the work in the concept phase.

Basic idea

When the project is released, the actual project begins and the project organization of the concept phase is put into effect. The resources required for the phase are released.


The project release decision is made by the core organization and the project sponsor. Before project release, the project order and the project management plan are compared with the overarching strategies and objectives of the core organization.


  1. Add further criteria to the project release checklist
  2. Have the project order reviewed by the project sponsor using the project release checklist
  3. Ensure resources (human, financial, infrastructure) for the entire duration of the project
  4. Provide decision-makers with the project order
  5. Coordinate the decision in the core organization and make a decision on the project order
  6. If the decision is positive:
    1. Sign the project order
    2. Release resources for the concept phase
    3. Inform those affected about the decision