Draw up agreement


The agreement is drawn up on the basis of the specifications, the draft contract, the general terms and conditions and the offer.

Basic idea

A project agreement, a contract or service level agreements (SLA) govern cooperation between different project participants such as the user (project sponsor), developer and operator and/or between different project phases.


This task is related to the agree on and steer goods/services task in the project management module. The contract is concluded with it and the goods/services are steered.

The agreement must be recorded in an IT-based contract management tool for contract execution. This tool can be used to store any further information (e.g. persons involved, deadlines, etc.) on the contract. After the agreement, the goods/services are periodically checked for compliance with the planning and agreements. HERMES uses the agree on and steer goods/services task to deal with this.


  1. Draw up agreement
  2. Have the core organization or controlling and compliance bodies review the agreement
  3. Ensure contract execution


Module Task Task responsibility Outcome Involved in creation of outcome
Procurement Draw up agreement Project manager Agreement Project sponsor