Design a migration concept


The migration concept forms the basis for the transfer of the old system to the new system and the decommissioning of the legacy system.

Basic idea

The focus of the migration of IT systems is on the migration of data. Migrations can be technical (automatic) or organizational (manual).

The migration concept takes into account the quantities, frequencies and quality of the data in the legacy system and its integration into the target system. Possible migration scenarios are analyzed and evaluated so that the appropriate migration procedures can be determined.

Migration considerations include aspects of the feasibility, cost-effectiveness, quality and timing of a migration.

With data migration, the issues of legacy data archiving and system decommissioning must also be addressed. Data security and data protection aspects are taken into account.


The deployment strategy in the deployment concept determines the migration strategy (e.g. phased deployment requires a step-by-step migration).


  1. Analyze the IT system and data
  2. Design a migration concept based on the deployment concept
  3. Check the impact on the deployment concept
  4. Design the decommissioning of the legacy system and clarify data archiving if necessary
  5. Review feasibility
  6. Coordinate the migration concept with the stakeholders


Module Task Task responsibility Outcome Involved in creation of outcome
IT migration Design a migration concept IT-architect Migration concept Business analyst, Developer