Analyze the legal basis


Analysis of the legal basis ensures that the legal requirements for the project are met or that the measures are defined in such a way that they can be created.

Basic idea

The legal basis must be complied with in every project. It constitutes an immovable restriction for a project.


Project management ensures that the existence of a sufficient legal basis is clarified.

To this end, contact is made with the competent body (usually legal services or another unit responsible for legislative matters). In the absence of a sufficient legal basis, it is necessary – again in cooperation with the competent bodies – to clarify whether and how the necessary adjustments to the legal basis can be made.

The findings from the legal basis analysis are incorporated into the study.


  1. Document the existing legal basis with regard to the future system
  2. Analyze imminent changes to the existing legal basis
  3. Identify possible gaps in the legal basis and work out proposals to fill the gaps with the competent bodies.
  4. Assess the impact on the study and project execution
  5. Coordinate the legal basis analysis with the stakeholders


Module Task Task responsibility Outcome Involved in creation of outcome
Project foundations Analyze the legal basis Project manager Legal basis analysis Business process owner