Application owner


The application owner ensures maintenance and further development, as well as safe and economical operation in accordance with the corresponding requirements and agreements.


  1. Optimum support of the business process by the application
  2. Maintenance of the benefit (economic efficiency) of an IT application
  3. Support of the business process owner in IT matters
  4. Compliance with the IT security and data protection requirements
  5. Planning and support of application optimization projects
  6. Verification of the contracting parties' compliance with the SLA (service level agreement)


  1. Decision on the application's release planning
  2. Decision on access rights in relation to the application
  3. Participation in defining requirements and concluding SLAs


  1. In-depth knowledge of the specialist area
  2. In-depth knowledge of the application specifications or application
  3. Knowledge of the project and operation requirements of the core organization (e.g. for procurement, financing, controlling, security)
  4. Knowledge of HERMES
  5. Knowledge of business organization and change and release management
  6. Communication and collaboration with users and developers in the project organization
  7. Ability to work in a team, to communicate and to resolve conflicts