Decide on acceptance


Acceptance concludes the provision of goods or services within the scope of the project and creates the basis for project closure.

Basic idea

Acceptance takes place between the project sponsor, developer or supplier and operator of the system. It regulates how outstanding obligations are to be handled and how the provision of goods or services is to be completed.


Acceptance takes place after the system has been launched and has been operational for an initial period during which any defects are identified.

Acceptance is planned early by all those involved.

If necessary, separate acceptance processes (between developer and operator, between developer and user, etc.) are carried out.


  1. Determine the organization and general conditions for acceptance
  2. Add further criteria to the acceptance checklist
  3. Prepare acceptance in technical and organizational terms
  4. Perform acceptance and record findings
  5. Analyze and classify findings (e.g. by defect category, new requirements)
  6. Decide on acceptance and the next steps