Prepare project closure


The preparation of project closure creates the prerequisite for dissolving the project organization and completing the project.

Basic idea

Document storage is purged and the project documentation is transferred to the core organization.

Project execution and the outcomes are evaluated.

To review the success of the project, it is necessary to check sometime after project closure whether the expected effect has been achieved in the project sponsor's view. This includes an in-depth review of the achievement of objectives or a post calculation, for example.

All pending items arising from the project are transferred to those responsible in the core organization.


The documentation of the lessons learned from the project is completed. The final project evaluation is compiled.


  1. Purge document storage
  2. Transfer the system documentation relevant for operation, maintenance and further development to the core organization and archive the project execution documentation (project plans, minutes, contracts, phase reports, etc.) in accordance with the storage regulations of the core organization
  3. Return unrequired resources (infrastructure, etc.) to the core organization
  4. Revoke access rights granted specifically for the project
  5. Finalize expense recording systems, project accounts, reporting, etc.
  6. Compile final project evaluation
  7. Finalize the lessons learned from the project and hand them over to the core organization
  8. Determine what is to be investigated in the context of project success monitoring, what measures are to be envisaged for this purpose and who will carry them out
  9. Transfer to the core organization as a pending item
  10. Transfer pending items arising from the project to those responsible in the core organization.