Commission and steer initiation


The commissioning and steering of the initiation phase creates the prerequisite for the development of the project foundations and the project release decision.

Basic idea

When the project initiation order is issued, the work for initiating the project is formally started.

The points that are important for successful project initiation are clarified in the order.


The project sponsor appoints a project manager for project initiation. This project manager does not necessarily have to cover project management for the next phases.

Steering by the project sponsor ensures targeted achievement of the outcomes during the initiation phase.


  1. Determine the objectives of the initiation phase
  2. Define specifications and framework conditions for the initiation phase (e.g. goods/services, outlay, deadlines)
  3. Appoint a project manager for the initiation phase
  4. Clarify expectations
  5. Provide financial and human resources for the work required
  6. Regulate communication between the project sponsor, project manager and other parties for the initiation phase
  7. Identify and analyze initiation phase risks and envisage measures
  8. Create project initiation order and have the project sponsor release it
  9. Inform contact persons within and outside the core organization
  10. Steer the initiation phase; obtain the information needed, check project progress, take measures if necessary
  11. Integrate stakeholders


Module Task Task responsibility Outcome Involved in creation of outcome
Project steering Commission and steer initiation Project sponsor Project initiation order Project manager