Design a test concept


The test concept creates the prerequisites for the systematic and efficient organization and execution of the tests.

Basic idea

Testing solutions requires specific test management. This is described in the test concept.

The test concept with the test plan and test case descriptions is the basis on which the test organization and test infrastructure are provided and the tests are carried out.


The development of the test concept requires close cooperation between the user, developer and operator, as they all have to make essential contributions to the testing process. The test concept must be jointly accepted and then implemented.


  1. Establish quality features and requirements or, if already available, verify and record them in the test concept
  2. Define test objectives and test types, and record them in the test concept
  3. Prepare test objects, test organization, test case descriptions and test plan as part of the test concept
  4. Coordinate the test concept with the stakeholders


Module Task Task responsibility Outcome Involved in creation of outcome
Testing Design a test concept Test manager Test concept Tester, Operations manager, Business analyst, Developer