Project management plan


The project management plan contains the overall planning of the project and the essential regulations on methods, techniques, roles and aids determined for the specific project. The project management plan serves as a uniform basis for action for everyone involved in the project. As the project progresses, it is continuously fleshed out and updated according to the principle of rolling planning and steering. At the end of the phase, the project management plan is adapted to the changed conditions for the next phase.


  1. Project description
  2. Scenario with phases and milestones
  3. Organization
  4. Project outcome structure
  5. Scenario with project structure plan
  6. Review plan
  7. Schedule
  8. Cost plan
  9. Resource plan
  10. Procurement plan
  11. Communication plan
  12. Reporting
  13. Specifications, methods and tools
  14. Quality assurance
  15. Risk management
  16. Escalation procedure
  17. Document management
  18. Change management