Project committee member


The project committee supports the project sponsor in performing his tasks. The members of the project committee raise the concerns of the organization unit they represent. The project sponsor organizes and chairs the meetings of the project committee.


  1. Advice and support for the project sponsor in performing his tasks
  2. Support for the project and its anchoring in the organization he represents
  3. Early raising of concerns of the organization represented
  4. Participation in the development of solutions to problems


  1. Can request a project review or audit
  2. Power to issue recommendations
    1. Recommendations on completion and release of phases to the project sponsor
    2. Recommendations on risk-reduction measures to the project sponsor (e.g. on appointment of project controlling or the quality and risk manager)
  3. Can gather all the information needed to steer and assess the project


  1. Knowledge of the specialist area
  2. In-depth knowledge of the special field represented
  3. Business administration knowledge to ensure the efficient and effective use of financial and human resources
  4. In-depth knowledge of project steering
  5. Knowledge of HERMES, attested to by course attendance
  6. Ability to work in a team, to communicate and to resolve conflicts