Final project evaluation


The final project evaluation forms the basis for the project closure decision. It gives the project sponsor information on the target/actual comparison with regard to the project and procedure objectives in terms of deliverables, scheduling and finances. The lessons learned are documented in a summary. The content and deadlines for project success monitoring are set.


  1. Background
  2. Evaluation of the achievement of objectives
  3. Economic efficiency
  4. Target/actual comparison
    1. Costs/benefits
    2. Outlay
    3. Deadlines
    4. Outcomes
  5. Lessons learned
  6. Pending items and measures
    1. Directly from the project with
      1. Pending item
      2. Measure
      3. Those responsible
      4. Implementation deadline
    2. Further measures after project closure with
      1. Measure
      2. Those responsible
      3. Implementation deadline
  7. Request



Module Task Task responsibility Outcome Involved in creation of outcome
Project management Prepare project closure Project manager Final project evaluation