Test concept


The test concept describes the test objectives, test objects, test types, test infrastructure and test organization. It also includes test planning and test case descriptions. A detailed test case description is created for each test case. This constitutes the test specifications. Test planning determines the logical and chronological structure of the tests. The test concept forms the basis on which the test organization and test infrastructure are provided and the tests are carried out. It is always updated in the case of new findings.


  1. Test objectives
  2. Test strategy and test levels
  3. Test objects
  4. Test types
  5. Test coverage
    1. Overview of test cases
    2. Assessment of test objectives and test coverage
  6. Test framework with
    1. Test prerequisites
    2. Defect classification
    3. Starting and abandonment conditions
  7. Test environment
  8. Test infrastructure with
    1. Test system
    2. Test data
    3. Test tools
  9. Test organization
  10. Test case descriptions
  11. Test plan