ISDP manager


The ISDP manager is responsible for the aspects of information security and data protection in the project.


  1. Assurance that the information security requirements and data protection measures are taken into account and implemented in the project
  2. Promotion of information security and data protection awareness within the project


  1. Can access all required project information
  2. Issuing of security-related specifications for dealing with data and information during project execution


  1. In-depth knowledge of the special field of information security and data protection
  2. Knowledge of the legal basis
  3. Knowledge of IT standards, architectures, methods and practices
  4. In-depth knowledge of the methods and practices to be applied in his tasks
  5. Business administration knowledge for evaluating options and cost-effectiveness
  6. Process management knowledge
  7. In-depth knowledge of HERMES, preferably attested to by a certificate
  8. Ability to work in a team, to communicate and to resolve conflicts
  9. Good writing skills, e.g. to create reports