System architecture


The system architecture divides the system into subsystems and their components. It describes the system structure and the interfaces. The system architecture allows for a comprehensive view of the system. Depending on the project outcome and scope, it contains several architecture elements and models, e.g. the business process model, the function model (e.g. with Use Cases/user stories), the data architecture/data model, the security architecture. It also contains the IT documentation or refers to the developer's documentation. The system architecture is based on the specifications of the controlling and compliance bodies.


  1. System structure
    1. Overview of the system
    2. Subsystems and components
    3. Architectures/models
  2. Interfaces and scope
    1. Interfaces with peripheral systems
    2. Reference to integration concept
    3. Boundaries
  3. Feasibility assessment
  4. Compliance with specifications
  5. Requirement assignment and coverage