The study describes the desired solution by defining the rough objectives, listing possible solution options and then evaluating them. It forms the basis for deciding whether or not a project is to be released. It is the prerequisite for drawing up the project management plan and the project order.


  1. Background
  2. Situation analysis with
    1. Business organization
    2. Quantities and frequencies
    3. Information security and data protection
    4. Analysis of strengths, weaknesses and causes
    5. System context
  3. Objectives
  4. Parameters
  5. Rough requirements
  6. Solution options with
    1. Option overview
    2. Description per option
    3. Analysis and evaluation with
      1. Degree of objective achievement
      2. Requirement coverage
      3. Further criteria such as cost/benefit/economic efficiency considerations, risk assessment, etc.
  7. Option selection



Module Task Task responsibility Outcome Involved in creation of outcome
Project foundations Conduct a study Project manager Study Business analyst, User representative, Business process owner, IT-architect