System requirements


The system requirements describe requirements for the future system. They are structured according to requirement categories. They include business requirements, operating requirements, support requirements and security requirements, for example, and they are prioritized according to their importance. The documentation of the system requirements is based on and uses the standards/notations of the requirement engineering method used.


  1. Rough requirements with
    1. Requirement
    2. Requirement type
    3. Importance
    4. Urgency
  2. System overview
  3. Detailed requirements with
    1. Business organization requirements
    2. Functional requirements
    3. Quality requirements
    4. Operating concept requirements
    5. System architecture requirements
    6. Migration concept requirements
    7. ISDP concept requirements



Module Task Task responsibility Outcome Involved in creation of outcome
IT system Design a system concept IT-architect System requirements Business analyst, User representative, Business process owner