Sub-project manager


The sub-project manager is responsible for providing the goods and services agreed with the project manager. He has all the powers required to carry out the activities delegated by the project manager.


  1. Quality of the outcomes obtained and compliance with the guidelines in his sub-project
  2. Adherence to the agreed costs and deadlines in his area
  3. Management of the specialists in his area
  4. Reporting in his sub-project
  5. Securing of the necessary resources with the required qualifications in his area


  1. Same as for the project manager, valid for the area of his sub-project


  1. Knowledge of the specialist area
  2. Knowledge of the project environment
  3. Knowledge of the core organization's requirements in terms of the project and operation of the application (e.g. for procurement, financing, controlling, security)
  4. In-depth project management knowledge
  5. Knowledge of the methods and practices used in the project
  6. Business administration knowledge to assess options and cost-effectiveness and to ensure the efficient and effective use of financial and human resources
  7. In-depth knowledge of HERMES, attested to by a certificate
  8. Decisiveness and assertiveness
  9. Managerial skills
  10. Communication skills to represent the project internally and externally, manage stakeholders and resolve conflicts
  11. Good writing skills, e.g. to create project reports