HERMES data model

The HERMES data model is a conceptual data model that describes the data and information from a methodology viewpoint and formulates its structure. It was developed on the basis of the current HERMES project and program management using INTERLIS, a conceptual data description language of the Confederation.

HERMES coherence, i.e. the uniform structure of the data in a method component, is determined with this data model (e.g. each task is assigned to just one module). Implementing the HERMES data model means being able to save, display and generate data with the appropriate level of detail.

Figure 7 shows the UML diagram of the HERMES data model.

Figure 7: UML diagram of the HERMES data model
Figure 7: UML diagram of the HERMES data model

With the help of the HERMES data model and the description language INTERLIS, the desired further development of new method components is to be promoted, as is the expansion of existing method components, e.g. this project management.