Application of the HERMES method in the program

Cornerstones of program management

Programs comprise several projects (see Figure 31) with a common objective. The program ensures cross-project steering and management of projects. The phase model facilitates project coordination and steering in a program.

The program sponsor steers the program. The program manager manages the program and coordinates the cross-project aspects and the interdependencies between the projects. The project manager manages his project.

The program order is available once the program has been initiated. This is the basis for implementing the program. Several projects are carried out during the implementation of the program. They go through all HERMES phases. Each project has a project order. Projects can be started with time lags, and they can be in different phases at a given point in time.

Project steering support can be provided by a project committee (project sponsor) and/or a higher-level program committee (under the leadership of the program sponsor). From the point of view of the controlling and compliance bodies, the program and each project are independent controlling objects with specifications regarding costs, time and outcomes.

When the program is completed, a final program evaluation is prepared and the program sponsor dissolves the program organization.

Figure 31: Projects can be pooled into programs
Figure 31: Projects can be pooled into programs

Reference manual for program management with HERMES 5

Just like projects, HERMES programs are also carried out methodically and in a structured manner. The Reference manual for "Program management with HERMESĀ 5" is used for that purpose. It supplements this project management manual with all of the program-specific aspects needed.