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Defining requirements and developing the system takes place throughout the phases. The major requirements are initially designed in the Initiation phase as part of the study. They are further refined in the subsequent phases.

The figure provides an overview of the outcomes of defining the requirements and of developing the system in the case of an IT system as the project unfolds.

  • In the Initiation phase, a study is conducted in which the objectives and requirements are set out in sufficient detail for options to be developed and analyzed. The project charter is created on the basis of the option that has been chosen.
  • In the Concept Phase the major requirements that have been documented in the study are further defined and finalized to become the system requirements. Project-specific solution concepts are designed in more detailed studies. They form part of the system architecture. The system architecture describes the system as well as its processes, functions, and system components, including the interfaces that connect it to the system environment.
  • Based on the system architecture, detail specifications are created, according to which the system is developed. This also includes testing as a pre-requisite for the decision to approve preliminary acceptance.
  • In the Deployment phase the system is activated, following which a decision is made to approve acceptance.

The specifications and the implementation of the IT system can be steered in a flexible manner using the Agile Development module.

This process also applies in a similar way to the development of services and products.