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Federal Department of Finance FDF,
Federal IT Steering Unit FITSU


Hélène Mourgue d'Algue, Project Manager; Guido Eicher; Bernhard Kruschitz

Graphic Design

Stämpfli Publikationen AG

Online Tool

Zühlke Engineering AG and Marcel Bernet, Zurich

Gender-Neutral Language

Care has been taken throughout this text to use gender-neutral language. Any instances of gender-specific language apply equally to males and females.


HERMES is an open standard of the Swiss Federal Administration. The Swiss Confederation, represented by the Federal IT Strategy Unit (FITSU), is the owner of the intellectual property rights. Private use is governed by Article 19 of the Federal Law on Copyright and Related Rights (Swiss Copyright Act, CopA). This edition may contain errors or inconsistencies. Liability claims or breach of warranty claims against the Swiss Confederation are excluded, subject to mandatory statutory provisions of applicable law. Errors, problems, or suggestions for changes may be brought to the attention of the publishers via HERMES Online,

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