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  • This reference manual provides full documentation of the HERMES method and is available both online and in printed form
  • It constitutes the frame of reference for certification
  • It is used in training programs and is also suitable for self-study


  • Scenarios are the basis for project planning
  • Document templates and checklists allow expedient application of the method
  • Individual scenarios enable organizations to take special situations into account  

Training and Certification

  • Training courses enable participants to get to know HERMES and learn to use it
  • Subject-specific advanced courses help to professionalize project management
  • To certify that they have met the learning goals, participants receive a certificate issued by an independent certification body

Exchange of Experience

  • HERMES events encourage networking and exchange of ideas
  • A newsletter and the social media update users on new developments
  • HERMES users can give feedback and make amendment requests


  • Updates and amendments are standardized by eCH
  • eCH is the standardization body of eGovernment
  • Users are represented in the HERMES Group of Experts