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Design a System Concept
The system concept is designed to create system requirements and the system architecture. These form the basis for the procurement or development of the system.
Main description

The following outcomes are achieved:

  • The situation analysis is a more detailed analysis than the one produced for the study.
  • The system requirements substantiate the requirements resulting from the study.
  • The system architecture describes the IT system and its components and structure (architecture) as well as interfaces to peripheral systems. The system architecture also describes how the IT architecture relates to business processes.
  • Detailed studies supplement the system architecture. They describe solution concepts for specific issues (such as user administration and access privileges, data storage, etc.)

In this task, options are created and evaluated. The options that have been chosen are combined and included in the system architecture as a comprehensive solution.

Key considerations of HERMES

System requirements and system architecture are designed in sufficient detail in terms of content and planning to enable them to form the foundation for procuring or developing the system. They are integrated into the project specifications and form the basis for the decision to approve system acceptance.
The level of detail varies depending on the critical nature of a system element.
The system requirements are specified in more detail in the Implementation phase in the form of detail specifications.
The system architecture forms the basis for the decision about the system architecture. It is specified in more detail in the Implementation phase.


  • Critically question project charter parameters and analyze how they might affect the success of project
  • Check if the situation analysis contained in the study is detailed enough.  If necessary, amend and complete it.
  • Specify requirements and document system requirements
  • Create system architecture
  • Create detailed studies and incorporate their content into system architecture or include them as appendices 
  • Review system architecture using prototypes (test installation), if necessary
  • Confirm results with stakeholders

Module Task Task responsibility Outcome Creation of outcome
IT System Design a System Concept IT Architect Detailed Study Business Analyst, User Representative, Developer
Situation Analysis Business Analyst, User Representative, Business Process Owner
System Architecture Operations Manager, Developer, IT Architect
System Requirements Business Analyst, User Representative, Business Process Owner